Hyde Park Art Center’s Fun for All, Sunday April 10th

When the Hyde Park Art Center gears up for its Second Sundays it does it with ArTiscal class! The event kicks off at noon every second Sunday of the month. This month included three crafts What’s Bugging You?, Club House Signs, and Cascarones. The crafts and materials used for these ideas included felts, cardboard, string, paint, and fabric along with an array of other materials. While examples are provided, creativity is rampant among the kiddies from the overwhelming encouragement of guides in the art making studios.

Second Sunday also boasted an interactive with the Self Contained Unit of Entropy or SCUE machine in the Conrad Freiburg: It Is What It Isn’t exhibition. Participants used wood glue, clothes pins, and two squares of wood to create a sculpture and then destroy it. The participants become an active learner of the exhibit rather than a passive one integrating the idea of the “void” by having and knowing  nothing while maintaining the feeling of loss through the deconstruction of the sculpture. The evidence of the demolition is documented through digital photographs that will be displayed on the Hyde Park Art Center’s website.

Finally in between the crafting and demolishing, some dancers from the CORE Project came to perform a portion of Going Dutch a whimsical and humorous skit based on classical music. After receiving giggles and cheers from the small audience a few dancers taught a class on movement. Finally, upstairs the General Economy Exquisite Exchange (G.E.E.E.) was  trading plants, homespun goods, and making take home flower pots made out of wrapped newspaper and soil. It was quite a joyous afternoon of wanderings and color through the Hyde Park Art Center. To see more events visit the Hyde Park Art Center’s calendar.


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