An afternoon at the Field Museum

Ever wondered how to go to a Chicago Museum for free?

Well my afternoon at the Field Museum was free thanks to the Museum Pass at your local Chicago Public Library. Depending on how big your local library is there are ten museum passes for each museum listed. Now that is a good deal especially in this economy and the best part is three other people can go with you too!

I have been to the Field many times in the past and always like the Evolving Planet and Ancient Egypt exhibits best. This year the Field has opened a new  exhibit in the  Abbott Hall of Conservation Restoring Earth.

The new exhibit features how Field Museum scientists and naturalists plan expeditions into endangered areas, survey, bring home, and track what is going on especially in the rain forests.  You learn there are five stages of development and what is collected and how the biologists determine the importance of each specimen collected. It is very fascinating. The other prize piece of is the area dedicated to Chicago area ecosystems in the North Shore, West Suburbs, and Northwest Indiana. The other new feature is creating your own mini collection. The participant is asked five questions such as which is your favorite color?, which landscape do you feel most comfortable?, if you were a super hero what would your super power be?, and each question is designed to create a specimen in the collections. You can email your mini collection to yourself and as a way of interacting with other visitor’s mini collections, you can stand in the middle and use your hands as guides. It is the same concept as using the Wii or Sony Play Station. The Field has updated a topic and put a new spin of learning ecological values and restoring the earth!

To view my mini collection click here!

Although, the Field’s new exhibit is very fascinating the other temporary exhibits such as the the movie Waking the T-Rex: The Story of Sue in 3-D is just as interesting. Sue had feathers when she was younger and arthritis in her bones. Did you know that? You will learn these facts in more from the scientists and paleontologists who study Sue everyday.  The movie is part real-life and part computer animated. The animated Sue is loud and in control. Very cool, but some children under the age of 5 may be very scared. If they love dinosaurs, I do not think it should be a problem, but families beware some kids found it too scary!

Lastly, Whales: Giants of the Deep had to be my favorite that afternoon except it is closing next week make sure you check it out soon! Perhaps you will not see the how the whale was a land mammal and see how it evolved into a mammal with flippers. You may not see how a sperm whale uses to clicks as sonar to hunt prey at the bottom of ocean or hear the different whale songs and sounds. You can even become a dolphin and learn how human societies have worshiped and almost killed off every whale on earth. It is a exhibit not to miss. So go, I promise it will not disappoint!


  1. Very interesting and cost saving. Can’t wait to go!!!

  2. Claire Bayorek says

    Very informative

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