Deep Space Adventure!

Ever wondered if life other than our planet is out there? At the Adler Planetarium with their new space adventure package you can! For $28 for adults and $22 for children ages 3-11 you can experience the Adler for the best price. The Deep Space Adventure package includes The Searcher, a show in the newly reopened Grainger Theatre, all exhibitions, a choice of a second show and the Atwood Experience, the oldest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.

The Deep Space Adventure also known as The Searcher is in the new Grainger Sky  Theater. The theater boasts the most immersive experience thus far, even better than the Omnimax at the Museum of Science and Industry. The theater is a recreation of a space ship observation deck which, I mean by you can go up to the top of space shuttle and with a 360 degree view of space. For the best possible explanation as to how small you feel, lay of the grass and look up to the sky. That is the Grainger Sky Theater experience. The Searcher show is based on scientific fiction of a visitor from another galaxy looking for his lost civilization. You join him on his adventure and encounter the Milky Way Galaxy, other planets with especially a Red Giant and the black hole in the middle of our galaxy. Fiction meets truth in this show!

The Atwood Experience is far from immersive, but just as fun. You travel with a guide into the sphere on a motorized car to see the Northern and Southern hemisphere’s constellations. The constellations appear to be quite real, but are just made of metal with holes poked through. You will soon realize how technology truly has advanced our understanding of the our galaxy and universe!

Lastly, an number of shows may be chosen for your second show, but I recommend Undiscovered Worlds: The Search Beyond Our Sun. You will find out about other planets as large as Jupiter traveling around other suns closer and faster than our planet Mercury. You will also learn how planets can be inhabitable such as a zone that will support life. We on Earth live in the middle of the zone and yet Mars is just on the cusp. Finally, the question still remains how scientists and astronomers find the planets. The science is hard to explain, yet the Adler did give me a basic understanding even though some of it was over my head. The show at all times kept my attention. Is there really other life out there? Maybe some day we will know.

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visit the Adler Planetarium and have all your questions asked by the professionals!

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