Lichtenstein at the Art Institute

Welcome to the dot matrix of Pop Culture! The world renowned artist, Roy Lichtenstein has come to Chicago’s Art Institute through September 3rd. The exhibit displays how the conventional idea of a hot dog, engagement ring, and a washing machine can be fine art in Lichenstein’s way of using the Ben-Day dots in his choice of signature creations. See mixed media, sculptures made in the 1960s, with an Art Deco flair and inspired from the Rockefeller Center in Times Square. Finally find out how art works are able to stay inside a canvas and protrude out at the same time. The exhibit is an emotional time line of many of Lichenstein’s works well known and rarely seen. It ends how it all begins with inspiration. How will you find yours?

To enjoy the many aspects of Mr. Lichtenstein’s life work visit the Art Institute Monday–Wednesday, 10:30–5:00, Thursday, 10:30–8:00, and Friday–Sunday, 10:30–5:00. The admission to the special exhibit is included in the price of your ticket to the whole museum. Check out admission prices here!


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