Take a Museum Break in Elmhurst!

Looking for a fun adventure outside the city look no further than Elmhurst. Elmhurst has its own historical museum with a candy display, a fantastic collection of rocks and minerals at the Lizzardro Museum of Lapidary Art, the Elmhurst Art Museum, and are you a movie buff, the Theatre Historical Society of America calls Elmhurst home too! All this just a Metra train or short car ride away!

Elmhurst Historical Museum

Candy Wrapper Interactive

Now through September 30th the featured exhibit on display is Sweet Home Chicago: The History of America’s Candy Capital. Author, Leslie Goddard co curated the exhibit with research from her current book, Chicago’s Sweet Candy History. In the exhibit, children and adults learn how Chicago’s winters were loved by the chocolate makers, how Red Hots, Milkway bars, and Lemon Heads were invented in Chicago! Watch clips of commercials from the early days of television and decipher your favorite candy bar by guessing the ingredients.  Candy machines and the fun candy wrapper interactive of rolling hard candy into the wax paper wrapper  is excruciatingly time consuming. How many can you roll in under a minute! I do not know how candy wrapper workers wrapped for eight or more hours a day.  It’s a mouth watering experience for the kids and a “Remember When” for the parents and adults. Check it out!







Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art

Rocks and minerals sparkling galore is the topic here! Children love to look at the bling and adults can see jade vases and agate cameos. The museum map and guide is helpful in identifying pieces of interest, but watch for the no existence of the numbers given to the pieces or the correct placement of the artifacts in the cases.  Many of your favorite artistic pieces origins can be traced from the many varieties of rocks and minerals downstairs on the lower floor. Want to know the hardness of diamonds or how rocks are mined look no further than the basement. It is a small museum, but take your time and you could get lost in the intricacies of a jade vase or in a forbidden hallway of Castle Lizzadro! Top five pieces not to miss: Castle Lizzadro, Ivory Last Supper, Ivory Puzzle Ball, Moghul Vase, and search for your favorite gemstones in the Imperial Screen.

Elmhurst Art Museum

The current exhibitions close on Saturday August 25th, but don’t fret for the newest exhibition No Rules: Contemporary Clay opens on Friday September 7th at 6:30 p.m. The ceramics will explore the passage of time, beauty, the body, the environment, and landscape while using the different mediums of video, performance, photography, and large and small scale sculptures. On September 8th as part of the celebration there is a community walk with artists Nicole Seister and Liene Bosque at 2:00 p.m. The participants will use blocks of wet porcelain to make impressions of Elmhurst’s most interesting architecture. The blocks will be featured as part of the cermaic show and eventually be added to the City Souvenirs collection. The best part it’s free!


Theatre Historical Society of America

The historical society is housed in the York Theatre in Elmhurst. On the second floor is the American Movie Palace Museum. Although small, this museum features the scale model of Chicago’s 1927 Avalon Theatre included is the bubbling fountains and flying doves. Other fun artifacts are the original tassels from an opening curtain from Milwaukee and an orchestra conductor’s stand from Chicago.


To find directions, admission, and open times of these museums go to the Chicago Museum Guide.



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