Magic, Mayhem, and a Museum!

Magic  the newest exhibition at the Chicago History Museum is full of talking quarters, disappearing cards, and small magicians running in every direction with wands and top hats! Who is ready to see a white rabbit! It is open now through January 6th, 2013.

The three part museum exhibit exists of an interactive theater in a magic shop, the usual hands-on exhibit along with artifacts, and a real live magician touring the museum during the day!

Part 1:

This exhibit is fun for adults and kids, mostly for kids, but who can’t resist a little magic of their own. Watch the interactive show in the theater first. It will introduce you to some of the more well known greats in magic business and find out how it truly is not that easy to perform simple magic tricks using only a pack of cards and a quarter. Hear the story of Greta the Great and her mentor magician. Watch out for the talking queen and George Washington even makes an appearance!

Part 2:

Next meander through the artifact and hands-on part of the exhibit. Learn how early magicians received their start doing to tricks for

Temple of Anngee

crowds in small opera houses and theaters in the Mid-West, one magician even kept a record of all the town and cities he had visited.One of the more death-defying tricks was The Temple of Anngee created by Jack Gwynne in 1935. It was named after his wife and assistant, Ann Gwynne (Ann G). She stepped inside,  then Jack stuck the swords throughout the whole temple, next he lifted the lid and his wife had vanished. Finally,  he removed the swords and magically she appeared again! Other artifacts are on loan from many of Chicago’s magicians and will return to their owners once the exhibit has closed. Can you find those artifacts? Better see them before they disappear for forever!

Part 3:

Professional magicians come visit the museum while performing illusions for the visitors’ pleasure! David Kovac was there the day CMB visited. His excellence in skill and genuine enthusiasm for his craft kept his smaller and larger audience entertained for over a half an hour. He included each child in one of his illusions and even gave the man with the I love Magic t-shirt a turn!

To find out which magician will be visiting click here to be guided to the Chicago History Museum website!

This exhibit is not to be missed. It is a wonderful morning or afternoon trip to fill the day!

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