Naper Settlement’s Holiday Traditions

Naper Settlement Christmas Table at the Martin Mitchell Mansion

Naper Settlement Christmas Table at the Martin Mitchell Mansion

This Christmas, Naper Settlement’s Holiday Traditions tea and tour of the Martin Mitchell Victorian Mansion is stemmed in glee and in mirth of the holiday season! The costumed interpreters were jovial and spreading the holiday cheer during the mansion tour. The biggest highlight was the Feather Tree. It was the first known artificial tree. After the circulating picture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their children around an evergreen tree for Christmas, all society ladies had to be just like the Queen! There became an evergreen tree shortage in the years to come and the feather tree was born! IMG_0455

The stories of the mansion were those of usual holiday fun and always good to remember the memories of Christmas as a child. It was nostalgic without too much fuss.

After the mansion tour, CMB was served some of the best berry tea with milk, sugar, and of course cookies. Barbara, another interpreter presented the Holiday Traditions lecture. It was informative and the favorite seemed to be the peppermint pig which Victorians would place in a bag, pass it around the table, and each guest would hit it with a mallet causing it to break. The peppermint pieces were  shared for good fortune over the next year! It was a relaxing and informative contribution to a local holiday tradition possible again next year!


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