Planets of the Lakefront Trail

144Have you seen these lately while walking, pedaling, jogging, or running? It a walk-able scale of our solar system brought to you by the Adler Planetarium! Consisting of 11 signs – 7 planets, 2 dwarf planets, 1 moon and of course 1 sun.114 The center of our solar system begins at the Adler with our one and only Sun!

Mercury, Venus, The Moon, and Mars are all on Museum Campus. The Asteroid Belt which hold Ceres – a dwarf planet, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can all be found either north or south of Museum Campus. Northern Pluto is past Howard Avenue on the border of Chicago and Evanston while Southern Pluto is down at Calumet Beach. Depending on the sites you would like to see in Chicago’s front yard go north or go south. Click here to see a map to choose your experience!

This intrepid enthusiast chose to go north making stops at Queen’s Landing/Buckingham Fountain, DuSable Harbor, Oak Street Beach, Belmont Harbor, Kathy Osterman Beach, and Juneway Terrace 177Park. Each sign gives you clues as to the next location such as did you know Saturn – Oak Street Beach is a 80 minute walk to Uranus – Belmont Harbor! If you choose to walk from Uranus to Pluto is it a 170 minute walk, also a 2 hour and 50 minute walk or almost 9 miles. Which ever way you slice it; it is really far far away! Imagine walking from the Sun to Pluto in one trip! Whew!

Don’t forget to take your favorite pics along the way!

At any point during your journey do you feel you need a rest here is a few sights to see for the first time or revisit! Asteroid Belt – Buckingham Fountain, The Art Institute, The Bean aka Cloud Gate, and of course the brand new Maggie Daley Park! Check out the slides even adults want to get in on the action! 1108 1113

At Saturn, take a quick dip in Lake Michigan, head over to the John Hancock for a great view or sip on a cocktail on the 96th floor while watching the sunset! Go north on the trail to Fullerton Avenue and visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, or the Chicago History Museum!

Being the tourist for a day or two will remind you of why Chicago is the best. Have fun walking the path and rediscovering our great city!

If you so dare take Adler Planetarium’s Selfie Challenge! Visit all 11 signs and make sure to take a picture of yourself and the sign. Place all selfie poses with sign on Twitter or Instagram with #PlanetsOnThePath and win a free membership while supplies last until July 6th!

Check out my selfies at Instagram! I double dog dare you! Even Miss Frizzle would be proud of you!!

For official rules to the Selfie Challenge click here.

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