Hyde Park Art Center’s Newest Interactive Experience!

This month marks the newest art interactive experience at the Hyde Park Art Center. To celebrate the opening of the Guida Family Creative Wing the art center will host it's annual gala with drinks, … [Read more...]

Chicago Imagist Programming

Many Chicagoans know Frank Lloyd Wright and his Prairie Style of Architecture in Chicago, but what many do not realize is that many artists from Chicago were the architects of contemporary and … [Read more...]

A Museum Moment on a Looper’s Lunch Hour – One

Feeling the daily grind in the Loop, looking for some inspiration, taking a long lunch? It's time to visit Macy's Walnut Room for the historical atmosphere, a perfect view of State Street and of … [Read more...]

Smart Museum’s Objects & Voices: A Collection of Stories

The Smart Museum's current exhibition is a culmination of 40 years of the University of Chicago's faculty, students, and alumni's ambitions to construct an intellectual and concrete artistic entity … [Read more...]

SOFA 2012

SOFA Chicago is back again this year with the opening preview night last night, Thursday November 1st. Over the next three days visitors can see some of the best work from Chicago and the Midwest. The … [Read more...]

Big Draw Chicago 2012

This year, this month, and all this week are events for Big Draw Chicago for some of Chicago's best museums! Here's the calendar listing! The listing is in alphabetical order. See if your favorite … [Read more...]

Art Institute passes up Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection once housed in Talisen West in Arizona will be moved to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. See why the Art Institute passed on the collection!  To see full … [Read more...]

Vivian Maier’s Chicago — New Exhibition September 8th

Vivian Maier known today as the nanny photographer. She worked for North Shore families beginning in 1956 and quietly processed and took thousands of photos of the Chicago streets without ever … [Read more...]

Heaven + Hell plus the self-taught artist

The Heaven + Hell exhibition will be ending soon on June 30th at two smaller art museums in Chicago, the Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) and the Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider … [Read more...]

Lichtenstein at the Art Institute

Welcome to the dot matrix of Pop Culture! The world renowned artist, Roy Lichtenstein has come to Chicago's Art Institute through September 3rd. The exhibit displays how the conventional idea of a hot … [Read more...]