Re: Chicago – Depaul Art Museum and current exhibitions

Re: Chicago, the inaugural exhibit of the reopening of the Depaul Art Museum was a spectacular accumulation of Chicago's artists who are up and coming, have celebrity status, and who use to be. Some … [Read more...]

Milwaukee Art Museum and the Free First Thursday

Every first Thursday of every month the Milwaukee Art Museum is free and open to the public. The parking is eight dollars, but a short side trip to the north can take those rainy, cold, snowy, grey … [Read more...]

Decorating Ancient Pottery at the Oriental Institute

Calling all adults with a child like wonderment for the simple pleasure of painting and drawing. For on Sunday December 4th, the Oriental Institute featured a workshop of  painting ancient Egyptian … [Read more...]

A New Type of Art Museum?

In River East’s upscale Streeterville neighborhood lies a small art museum, The Museum of Private Art Collections: Featuring the Work of Dali and Lamb opened its doors to the public last spring and is … [Read more...]

Open House and Open Eyes

The Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House Chicago featured 120 sites in two days. The specific Chicago areas featured this year were Rogers Park, Downtown, Bronzeville, Hyde Park, Garfield … [Read more...]

Erica Mott proved the Victory Project a success

The Victory Project in five words: movement, snippets, puppetry, manipulation, and war. The choreographer and creator of the Victory Project, Erica Mott used the concept of women and the military … [Read more...]

National Vietnam or Veterans Art Museum or Both

Perhaps you have heard of the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum. It has closed, but do not fret, the museum only dropped Vietnam in 2010 to incorporate art from all of America's Wars.  As we all … [Read more...]