Planets of the Lakefront Trail

Have you seen these lately while walking, pedaling, jogging, or running? It a walk-able scale of our solar system brought to you by the Adler Planetarium! Consisting of 11 signs - 7 planets, 2 dwarf … [Read more...]

New Exhibits Chicago Week of 5/25/15

Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibit Opening: S, M, L, XL Go through four opening in this hands-on exhibit. As as visitor you can walk down a normal sized hallway that turns into an itty bitty … [Read more...]

A Museum Moment on a Looper’s Lunch Hour – One

Feeling the daily grind in the Loop, looking for some inspiration, taking a long lunch? It's time to visit Macy's Walnut Room for the historical atmosphere, a perfect view of State Street and of … [Read more...]

Secrets…..Murder…&..Mystery at the Chicago History Museum

Ever wonder what the life an artifact had before it reached those glass cases in a museum? Perhaps it inspired an author to quill his award winning novel or an opera singer to hit the highest most … [Read more...]

“Chitlin Caller” May and June Edition – Museums for Kids

Ready for some summer fun? The "Chiltin Caller" May and June Edition is the best source for everything kids in Chicago's museums! The top 10 exhibit openings, events, and just stuff for two … [Read more...]

Free Days for Museums in 2015

  Adler Planetarium 1300 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL 60605 | 312-922-7827 Free general admission for ILLINOIS residents February 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, … [Read more...]

Top February Programs for Kids!

December tricked Chicagoans into thinking we were safe for the rest of winter. Oh wait, that's right the blizzard has arrived. Once you dig yourself out of the snow what better way than to warm up at … [Read more...]

The Museum of Broadcast Communications: Putting the Radio and TV back in the museum

Just last year the Museum of Broadcast Communications reopened its doors to the public in a downtown space near Google Inc. no less. The museum includes the Radio Hall of Fame and a chance to be an … [Read more...]

First Division Museum: Twenty Years Old and still cutting edge!

War: bombs, guns, shots, blood, helicopters, planes, and death all come to mind. Cantigny's First Division Museum presents the courageous, the gritty, and the abrasive events, people, and machines of … [Read more...]

Free Chicago Museum February Days

It seems as winter has finally appeared in Chicago. February is always the coldest and snowiest month, but this year the great museums of Chicago have many discount and free days for Illinois … [Read more...]