An American Story: Recollections of Charles Leale

Hersey Felder's An America Story is an oratorical masterpiece of a witness's first hand account of a national tragedy in a very conflicted era in America's history. Felder is best known for the … [Read more...]

Art Institute passes up Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection once housed in Talisen West in Arizona will be moved to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. See why the Art Institute passed on the collection!  To see full … [Read more...]

Lost artifacts found in former curator’s house!

The employees at the Polish Museum of America finally have missing artifacts back in their possession! Read here how the missing documents made it back home! … [Read more...]

Summer guides are nothing! See our new Museum guide good for all year long!

Here at Chicago Museum Blog we figure that just about every museum in the Chicagoland area should have its own little diddy. Heck we even included directions and the museums' exhibits both permanent … [Read more...]

Re: Chicago – Depaul Art Museum and current exhibitions

Re: Chicago, the inaugural exhibit of the reopening of the Depaul Art Museum was a spectacular accumulation of Chicago's artists who are up and coming, have celebrity status, and who use to be. Some … [Read more...]

Join us for Destination Museums!

The Chicago Museum Blog is pleased to announce Destination Museums, an exploration of Chicago's cultural museums. Chicago’s rich ethnic communities and world-class reputation lend to a host of many … [Read more...]

National Veterans Art Museum’s New Home

Just in time for Memorial Day the National Veterans Art Museum will be moving to a new undisclosed tourist-friendly area. This brings the fear of this small museum closing to near vanishing level! I … [Read more...]