Smart Museum’s Objects & Voices: A Collection of Stories

The Smart Museum's current exhibition is a culmination of 40 years of the University of Chicago's faculty, students, and alumni's ambitions to construct an intellectual and concrete artistic entity … [Read more...]

The Museum of Broadcast Communications: Putting the Radio and TV back in the museum

Just last year the Museum of Broadcast Communications reopened its doors to the public in a downtown space near Google Inc. no less. The museum includes the Radio Hall of Fame and a chance to be an … [Read more...]

First Division Museum: Twenty Years Old and still cutting edge!

War: bombs, guns, shots, blood, helicopters, planes, and death all come to mind. Cantigny's First Division Museum presents the courageous, the gritty, and the abrasive events, people, and machines of … [Read more...]

Shalom Chicago: New Exhibit at Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum's newest temporary exhibit: Shalom Chicago offers the visitor an intimate insight to some very personal histories of the Chicago Jewish community. The exhibit is currently … [Read more...]

Rembrandt Van Dyck Gainsborough: The Treasures of Kenwood House, London

The Milwaukee Art Museum's newest temporary exhibit, Rembrandt Van Dyck Gainsborough: The Treasures of Kenwood House, London is currently open until January 6th, 2013.  The cost of the temporary … [Read more...]

Get to know Vivian Maier at the Chicago History Museum

Vivian Maier is the grand master of people watchers of the world. Her photographs are enticing and snapshots of the captured emotions of quiet contemplation, distress, and revelation. Her impeccable … [Read more...]

Magic, Mayhem, and a Museum!

Magic  the newest exhibition at the Chicago History Museum is full of talking quarters, disappearing cards, and small magicians running in every direction with wands and top hats! Who is ready to see … [Read more...]

Paderewski in Chicago – Polish Museum of America

  The Polish Museum of America boasts a great many artifacts in its collection most are from the 1893 World's Fair Exposition. Exhibits include those of the sea, Polish Kings, and Art Gallery. … [Read more...]

Lichtenstein at the Art Institute

Welcome to the dot matrix of Pop Culture! The world renowned artist, Roy Lichtenstein has come to Chicago's Art Institute through September 3rd. The exhibit displays how the conventional idea of a hot … [Read more...]

An afternoon at the Field Museum

Ever wondered how to go to a Chicago Museum for free? Well my afternoon at the Field Museum was free thanks to the Museum Pass at your local Chicago Public Library. Depending on how big your local … [Read more...]