“A Slice” of Chicago Museums May and June Edition

"A Slice" is bi-monthly article featuring what's hot and what's new in the Chicago museum industry. Events to attend, openings to see, and possible sneak peeks in museum news.  Top 10 Must Attend … [Read more...]

Winter Vacation in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a short five hour drive from Chicago and its museums are the sweet dessert to Chicago's meaty main course of ones such as the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium, and the Museum of … [Read more...]

Top Five Public Museum Exhibits Driving Distance from Chicago

Itching to take a short road trip to witness the Fall colors in bloom, but need a destination? Head to one of CMB's top five public museum exhibits for some Fall fun! 1. Civil War Museum 5400 1st … [Read more...]

Tour the Dank Haus

In Lincoln Square, Oktoberfest rages on at the Chicago Brauhaus until October 28th, but if you are looking for a more enriching German experience look no further than the Dank Haus at 4740 North … [Read more...]

Take a Museum Break in Elmhurst!

Looking for a fun adventure outside the city look no further than Elmhurst. Elmhurst has its own historical museum with a candy display, a fantastic collection of rocks and minerals at the Lizzardro … [Read more...]

Tranquility in Lincoln Square – A peaceful walk

Ever wonder what is off the stop at the Western Brown line? Would you like to find out best bird watching spot in Chicago without the bunch of ornithologists lurking around? Pick a day and start your … [Read more...]

CMB’s Museum Summer Drinking Special

Ever wonder where the closest watering hole is to your favorite museum? In this CMB special you will find out where the closest and best watering holes are including dive bars, jazz bars, and just … [Read more...]

Do you love astronaut ice cream, Bucky Balls, and Frank Lloyd Wright? Read Chicago’s museums’ favorite gift shop gear and stuff!

Are you are lover of the museum gift shop? Do you enjoy spending the last few minutes of a visit to a museum in the store? Well sometimes I find some of the best gear, jewelry, and stuff in the museum … [Read more...]

Holiday Wrap-up

This year the Chicago Museum Blog did so many Christmas and Holiday shows it is hard to begin and end the season of giving. Here are some highlights from the Shedd Aquarium's Holiday FantaSea Show, … [Read more...]

Join us for Destination Museums!

The Chicago Museum Blog is pleased to announce Destination Museums, an exploration of Chicago's cultural museums. Chicago’s rich ethnic communities and world-class reputation lend to a host of many … [Read more...]