New Exhibits Chicago Week of 5/25/15

Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibit Opening: S, M, L, XL Go through four opening in this hands-on exhibit. As as visitor you can walk down a normal sized hallway that turns into an itty bitty … [Read more...]

Art Institute passes up Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection once housed in Talisen West in Arizona will be moved to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. See why the Art Institute passed on the collection!  To see full … [Read more...]

Only this week: Have a chance to win a private tour of the Art Institute’s Lichtenstein Exhibit!

Who wouldn't want a chance to win a trip to the Art Institute and a lunch time meal at Terzo Piano! To register for the sweepstakes go to: THE COOLEST SUMMER EVER Powered by ComEd Want to do some … [Read more...]

CMB’s Museum Summer Drinking Special

Ever wonder where the closest watering hole is to your favorite museum? In this CMB special you will find out where the closest and best watering holes are including dive bars, jazz bars, and just … [Read more...]

Lichtenstein at the Art Institute

Welcome to the dot matrix of Pop Culture! The world renowned artist, Roy Lichtenstein has come to Chicago's Art Institute through September 3rd. The exhibit displays how the conventional idea of a hot … [Read more...]

Do you love astronaut ice cream, Bucky Balls, and Frank Lloyd Wright? Read Chicago’s museums’ favorite gift shop gear and stuff!

Are you are lover of the museum gift shop? Do you enjoy spending the last few minutes of a visit to a museum in the store? Well sometimes I find some of the best gear, jewelry, and stuff in the museum … [Read more...]

Top 10 Chicago Museums [According to Facebook]

Can you find your favorite museum on this list? Most Chicagoans should be able too. One would probably think that the Field Museum is the favorite, but you would be wrong; it’s the Art Institute of … [Read more...]

Museum Free Days for October 2011

Free is the place to be in October. With Autumn and cooler weather approaching kids and individuals will want some refuge from the chilly air.Head to Art Institute this month on Wednesday the 5th … [Read more...]