Open House Chicago 2012 — Wrap Up!

Here's some of the photos CMB took while out on that rainy Saturday, October 13th. The pictures of the sites CMB visited are from the following neighborhoods and sites.  Click on the photos at the … [Read more...]

Open House Chicago 2012– CMB’s Favorite List

On October 13th and 14th,  Open House Chicago presented by the Chicago Architecture Foundation will have many historically exquisite and artistic sites including the Chicago History Museum, Chicago … [Read more...]

Do you love astronaut ice cream, Bucky Balls, and Frank Lloyd Wright? Read Chicago’s museums’ favorite gift shop gear and stuff!

Are you are lover of the museum gift shop? Do you enjoy spending the last few minutes of a visit to a museum in the store? Well sometimes I find some of the best gear, jewelry, and stuff in the museum … [Read more...]

Open House and Open Eyes

The Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House Chicago featured 120 sites in two days. The specific Chicago areas featured this year were Rogers Park, Downtown, Bronzeville, Hyde Park, Garfield … [Read more...]